American Water

Leveraging our methodology of “Load Early, Load Often”, American Water was able to apply design decisions, load data frequently and identify gaps well in advance of operational readiness testing for their data migration. 

The methodology also allowed the company to expose key business resources to the new SAP environment early to assist in the validation efforts and reduce the learning curve prior to integration testing.

We brought many out-of-the-box reports that provided a clear line of sight to the business relevant data being extracted from the legacy systems; what data was omitted, what error exceptions were encountered during conversion and what data was ready to load. All of these reports lead to an on-time, on-budget project and more importantly, a Boring Go Live data migration.

Key IT and Business Challenges

Help unite independent regional businesses to create a centralized organization. This embarkment on a business transformation project, included implementation of SAP ERP and migrating existing data.

Highlighted Benefits

BackOffice performed a deep-dive analysis and made many key discoveries throughout the assessment regarding data availability and quality. American Water was able to leverage fact-based reports on its existing systems, the data within them, and the standards applied to them to determine accurate work effort for staffing and planning. Additionally, the business was able to load its master data size weeks into the blueprint phase and test it in the new environment.

Why BackOffice Associates?

American Water needed a company with a proven methodology that could engage early in the decision-making process prior to the start of the blueprint phase who would lead them to an on-time and on-budget project.

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Reduced complex SAP data changes from a few days to a few minutes.

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Unipart Rail UK Limited

Reduced the generation of finance reports from one week to 2-3 days.