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See how BackOffice Associates helped Dow Chemical migrate their legacy mainframe applications to a new SAP ECC system.

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My name is Nancy Schultz and I work for the Dow Chemical Company. We've been a customer of BackOffice for the last five years.

BackOffice Associates has been such a help to Dow in our data migration activities, so over the last few years, we've had a lot of effort to move from our legacy, very old mainframe applications that are about 25 years old to the new SAP ECC system and BackOffice was very critical in that activity. They helped us through all migration methodology, our migration planning and not to mention the actual migration itself. 

If BackOffice Associates was not running our projects with us and partnering with us, I believe that our projects, our SAP implementation projects would have an extended timeline. Also, I believe we would have a higher defect rate going into production with our data. So really, data accuracy and data efficiency as we enter in to have "Boring Go Lives" as we call it, is really the critical thing that I've seen so far. 

You know, one of the big learnings that we found with BackOffice coming into our space and helping with data migration was that we had many misconceptions about what data migration would mean. The word "migration" means you're just moving something from one place to another, but what we realized was that you could move anything, you could load data, but loading quality data the first time, that it's business-ready was what we did not have the skill set within Dow to do.

So the partnership with BackOffice in getting people to realize in our corporation that data readiness is just as important as application readiness was something that comes from the school of hard knocks. You have to first fail a little before you realize how much you have to go out and improve and bring in the right experts, so Dow has a lot of concepts on highly-reliable organizations and BackOffice is one of those. 

So the nice thing that we found is that it's ingrained in the culture to avoid problems, to prevent issues from occurring so that your go live is as seamless as possible. 

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