Graybar Electric Company, Inc., is a specialist in supply chain management services and the leading North American distributor of high-quality components, equipment and materials for the electrical and telecommunications industries. Carrying an inventory of more than 150,000 items from over 4,600 manufacturers, Graybar serves as the vital link to hundreds of thousands of customers. To quickly meet customer and supplier demands, Graybar began implementing their entire mySAP Business Suite family of business solutions in 2003, replacing outdated legacy systems that were incompatible with the future direction of the company. 

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • Build web-enabled applications that capitalize on existing mySAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver assets
  • Automate and ensure the ability to audit supplier change request process
  • Enable employees to manage price change requests and quickly receive approvals
  • Enforce data governance and ensure only clean data enters the ERP system

Highlighted Benefits

  • Enabled web-application development in a two-month period without specialized in-house skills
  • SAP NetWeaver components reduced costs associated with web-application development and simplified and sped up development process
  • SAP NetWeaver and our components enabled cost-effective, automated supplier change request process
  • Enterprise portal enabled simple, centralized access to pertinent information for employees
  • Employee self-services saved processing costs and time 

Why BackOffice Associates?

  • Graybar needed a data governance solution that ensured only clean data entered and was maintained in their ERP system. They also needed the ability for knowledge transfer so that local data stewards could take a greater role in managing global change requests. We were able to supply a solution and platform that provided all of this and more.
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