Learn how BackOffice Associates helped Foodstuffs cleanse and harmonize its data for improved efficiency in the supply chain.

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My name is Ashley Colyer, I am the Solution Delivery Manager of Foodstuffs North Island New Zealand, and we're a BackOffice Associates customer.

Foodstuffs North Island is a 100% Kiwi owned cooperative created by the merger of Foodstuffs Auckland and Foodstuffs Wellington in 2013.

We've got over 350 stores, which operate under the Four Square, New World, PAK'nSAVE and Gilmours brands. Together with our support and distribution centers, we provide New Zealanders with their everyday food and grocery need, right across the North Island. 

In 2012, we embarked on program to implement SAP in our Auckland based support center, distributions centers and indeed across all of our upper North Island stores. This required data in various systems to be cleansed and aligned and business processes completely overhauled to a best practice retail approach. 

However in 2013, the merger effectively doubled the size of the program and the rollout effort, introducing more data alignment and cleansing challenges from the increased system landscape. 

After successfully cutting over our support center in November 2013 to the new SAP solution, the store by store implementation of SAP commenced in August 2014. This has been followed by a series of store-based mini go lives. Each one a significant change management and training exercise in its own right, and each one requiring large amounts of data cleansing, matching and alignment.

After attempting to address these challenges internally, with limited success, the business carried out a market scan of which organizations could support this transformational initiative and provide the required type of technology based services to make this task as efficient and as sustainable as possible.

BackOffice was subsequently engaged to provide through their Data Stewardship Platform, key activities as part of our strategic project. This included cross system article comparison and matching exercise, data quality reporting and alignment across systems, primarily JDE to SAP, and producing reports on a daily basis to provide passive data governance to the business, who are now remediating data issues with both the Foodstuffs business and just as importantly with its suppliers.

BackOffice Associates provided IP and expertise to develop a repeatable process that enabled Foodstuffs to harmonize data across systems and report on that data across to the business. 

This enabled visibility of data discrepancies and daily data quality harmonization reporting. The business were armed with the exact reports to remediate data and work with suppliers to reduce errors and improve efficiency in the supply chain.

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