The Business Processes of Information Governance

June 25, 2015 Featured Articles

If you have the chance to engage an executive from the oil and gas industry in a candid conversation about what their company does, you’ll likely hear something like: “We drill for crude, we refine crude, and we sell crude.”

Regardless of industry or line of business, an analogous quote can easily be made, be it selling shirts, producing pharmaceutical drugs, or buying and reselling products. The business processes that organizations put in place determine how efficiently and effectively companies conduct their work. These processes are often unique by industry, tailored to specific companies, and studied and improved via major initiatives and strategic investments. The business processes of information governance should be added to this list of differentiating, business value-driving processes.

Indeed, highly effective organizations run highly effective business processes -- and information governance is no exception. To succeed, the business processes of information governance can be divided into six key areas . . .

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