General Re Insures Better Data Integration

May 22, 2015 Featured Articles

It's not unusual for an organization to discover that, after years of adding and modifying IT systems, there comes a time when it's necessary to completely revamp the underlying infrastructure. Two years ago, reinsurance solution provider General Reinsurance (General Re) found itself in exactly this situation.

As a result of a series of acquisitions, "The business was run on a fragmented collection of legacy systems with disparate technologies," says CIO John Connors. Unfortunately, this mishmash of old and new systems was increasingly inefficient. Management recognized that the company needed to convert to a single platform that would standardize and globalize crucial data and processes.

The 1,900-employee company, which holds $6 billion in premiums and $14 billion in capital, works with huge and complex data sets derived from both prospective clients and historical records. The data drives underwriting decisions . . .

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