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Learn how BackOffice Associates helped Asian Paints reduce master data processing from a 2-3 days to a few minutes.

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I am Harish Lade, I am the General Manager - Systems at Asian Paints and we are a BackOffice Associates customer.

Asian Paints is India’s largest and one of the top 5 decoratives coatings company globally, to the tone of around $2.5 billion USD. We operate in 19 countries and have 26 paint manufacturing facilities in the world and we sell customers in over 65 countries.

Some of the businesses, like wallpaper, are akin to fashion business where thousands of patterns need to be launched to meet the décor flavor of the season. This meant that we had to provide a platform that would agile yet scalable. It also meant having a platform that would allow us to rapidly introduce new materials and customers without IT intervention, with full audit and governance. The evolving business models also meant that the master data would have to be changed consistently across multiple systems.

Asian Paints will be one of the first customers worldwide to implement the SAP MDG 8.0 and having a very mature platform also meant that we are to identify a partner who really can take our current processes to the next level. After thorough evaluation we partnered with BackOffice Associates to help us implement this solution. We are now live on our customer and material master data processes on the SAP MDG 8.0 on HANA platform. Complex business rules, workflows for approvers and integration with the rest of the enterprise systems have been modeled on the project. Best practices of Data Governance have been implemented on the project. This enabled us to have a single system of record for all of our master data with real-time tracking of the entire lifecycle of the master data change process. BackOffice also customized a solution and provided a simplified and enhanced user interface. This has given us end-to-end process visibility. The mobile front end of the SAP Fiori has been a huge success and really liked by our end users as it allows them to perform master data approvals on the go. One of the key enablers that we were looking for from the new platform was to really re-engineer the bulk data change management processes. Now, as I mentioned before, some of the areas like wallpaper really call for introducing thousands of new SKUs in a very short period of time. The entire bulk data change management process has allowed us to shrink this process from a 2-3 day activity to a few minutes.

I would recommend BackOffice to anyone who wants to establish a solid Data Governance practice for their enterprise, which means everyone.

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