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Data Quality Visibility in 5 Days

The importance of data quality to business processes cannot be overemphasized. Perfect data quality ensures business-process excellence. Poor data quality ensures business-process interruptions and costly delays. Understanding data quality though, is easier said than done.

When implementing new enterprise software such as SAP, Oracle or other ERP, HR, CRM, PLM solutions, a company's data stewards must decide what data to migrate from their legacy systems and what data to retire. They must determine what data needs to be maintained to satisfy legal requirements and whether the quality of that data is sufficient. In the midst of implementation and ongoing business processes, very few companies have the time and expertise to determine if their migrated data will properly support execution of critical business processes, or what we refer to as having Business-Ready Data. 

Data quality is an ongoing concern whether a company is involved in a data migration or data governance initiative. Once embedded into your ERP system, bad data negatively affects business processes and drags down corporate performance.

To help you better understand the quality, volume and complexity of your data, we recommend the first step be a BackOffice Associates Data Audit. With the fact-based and measurable results gained from the Data Audit, companies can mitigate data-related business risk and project delays.

With a Data Audit you can:

  • Quickly understand the impact of good data quality and maintaining data quality on business processes
  • Highlight existing data quality, complexity and volume in any source system
  • Use actionable reports and fact-based metrics to design and implement near-term data remediation plans for data mapping, data cleansing and configurations
  • Build or support a business case for initiating a data migration or data governance solution 

Fact-Based Measurable Results

The actual audit is an intense, short-term engagement - usually conducted within one week (depending on scope) - during which a knowledgeable team of BackOffice Associates experts using our software technology and methodology, create a detailed map of your data and how it relates to your specific business processes. A BackOffice Data Audit engagement includes relevancy rules, mapping rules and over 1000 comprehensive reports. 

The fact-based, actionable reports and results can be remediated immediately after the final presentation with BackOffice consultants providing accurate recommendations for:

  • Data Mapping
  • Data Cleansing
  • Configuration Considerations 

Rapid Real-Time Data Analysis

A Data Audit provides a rapid analysis of all data, and quickly maps relationships between target systems and current business processes. This real-time data analysis accurately describes the true scope and complexity of your implementation. When completed, the BackOffice Data Audit will provide a complete understanding of data complexities and issues delivering an accurate assessment of implication and risks. 

This proactive process quickly identifies risk areas early in your project, whether it be a data migration or data governance implementation, while also enabling rapid data remediation using our proven BackOffice methodology. 

Business Focused Analysis

A Data Audit provides a business-focused, inside look at your data with tangible results in relation to business process, relevancy and Enterprise Application Software (EAS) configuration. It is the catalyst for your data migration and data governance projects. For data migration, an audit will address the overall health and relevancy of your legacy systems when moving to your new enterprise software such as SAP, Oracle or other environment. For data governance, a Data Audit will give insight into the quality of your system environment. In turn, this can provide you with a business case to initiate a short-term data cleansing effort following by a long-term data governance approach. 

Be sure to read our Data Quality Visibility in 5 Days white paper above to get the full details on how you can gain data quality visibility and see the overall health of your ERP systems in just a short-term engagement with BackOffice Associates. 

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