Fortune 500 Bio-Pharmaceutical

The Fortune 500 Bio-Pharmaceutical Company is a leading human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry. The company pioneered the development of novel products based on advances in recombinant DNA and molecular biology and launched the biotechnology industry’s first blockbuster medicines. Today, as a Fortune 500 company serving millions of patients, the company continues to be an entrepreneurial, science driven enterprise dedicated to helping people fight serious illness. They decided that a single instance of SAP should replace an aging JD Edwards system, and what seemed like a large project to begin with, began to show unexpected complexities. 

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • JD Edwards system was not meeting needs of certain business units such as finance and the HR system was out of support and 20 years old
  • Some process data was never specified and needed to be completed upon go-live
  • Aggressive timeframe for completion of single instance for migration and go-live: 1 year for Europe, 14 months for North America and rest-of-world

Highlighted Benefits

  • Boring Go Live data migration achieved: November 2006 (Europe) April 2008 (North America and rest-of-world)
  • Data quality initiatives in place, monitoring reports for Passive Data Governance
  • Supply chain MDM group and operations can have larger costs for data errors; investigating Active Data Governance
  • Business stakeholders now realize the difference between business-process functions and business data supporting those processes, and they own both

Why BackOffice Associates?

  • The Company searched the market for SAP data expertise and discovered that we were the only experienced solutions provider for data migration
  • IBM collaborated with the company to give us the data conversion/migration work
  • We provided strong references and ASUG contacts for similar clients, projects
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