Global Gas & Chemicals

After a successful implementation based on a record setting flawless data migration, the Global Gas & Chemicals Company’s data was clean and business-ready within the SAP system. Since that time, however, the user community at the Company has been responsible for creating new data and maintaining the converted data which has resulted in several problems. As in any large organization, this Global Gas & Chemicals Company is facing cross communicational challenges among several groups collaborating to create new data. This often results in incomplete or inaccurate data being entered into SAP creating a less than business-ready environment. 

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • Enable employees to initiate and quickly get new materials into production with higher data standards
  • Enforce data governance and ensure only clean data enters the ERP system
  • Build web-enabled applications that capitalize on existing SAP R/3 and APO assets
  • Enforce corporate governance measures for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Highlighted Benefits

  • Solutions enabled web application development in two-month period without specialized in-house skills and cost-effective, new master data entry
  • Web-application platform enables simple, centralized access and deployment with future SAP NetWeaver compliance
  • Collaborative work-flowed elements saved processing costs and time

Why BackOffice Associates?

  • The Data Stewardship Platform's features and components reduced costs associated with web-application development, and simplified and sped up development processes
  • The platform also enforced data governance and ensured only clean data entered the ERP system
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