12 Days of Quality Data

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As this holiday season falls upon us, we are filled with memories and joys of the past as well as hopes of the future. Sights, sounds, taste and smells of the season are all around us. Classic tunes like "The 12 Days of Christmas" remind us of great fun this time of year can bring.

While there is not much in life that comes close to these experiences, we at BackOffice Associates believe that you can find joy in your daily operations as well. Now, this may seem a bit like a fairytale to some, however, those that have enabled their organizations with quality data can assure you it is no fairytale!

Lets take a look at The 12 Days of Quality Data after a BackOffice enabled go-live!

Day 1. Purchase with Confidence - Knowing who your true vendors are and enabling your purchasing organization to make the right purchase from the right vendor the first time! Lets face it, we have all been there. Sifting through years worth of vendors to find the right supplier, only to have your hopes dashed when you see "DO NOT USE" in the description.

Day 2. Storage Bins of Joy - From Dock to Bin, knowing where ALL your inventory is and being able to move those items from Bin to production line with ease. 

Day 3. Quality Assurance - Enjoy the fruits of moving materials in and out of Quality Assurance while having assurance that the right tests are run on the right materials!

Day 4. Smooth Assemblies (No Elves required) - Bill of Materials that have all the current and correct components making final assembly smooth sailing.

Day 5. Packages of Pride - Take pride knowing that your packages will all come together beautifully, having all the right boxes, labels, blister packs and containers on hand!

Day 6. Special Deliveries - Because leaving the dock should not be a struggle. With the right data supporting your process, you will see your shipments off on-time with ease.

Day 7. Pay Day (We all love this one) - Having the ability to invoice and receive payment with accurate data, what could be better than this.

Day 8. A Month end Walk in the Park - Because nothing makes balancing the books easier than having all the right data at the right time!

Day 9. Planning for the Future - It is not just a New Year's resolution. With the business that is free from daily data hurdles, you'll be left with time to plan for those future endeavors!

Day 10. Stability - Your daily operations becomes a normal operating mode and not a milestone.

Day 11. Visibility - With the right data in the right place at the right time, really what can be better? Making business critical decisions supported with quality data, what a great place to be!

Day 12. Possibilities - This is what you are left with. Imagine the possibilities of a streamlined, stable and highly visible operation. 

Not quite the 12 Days of Christmas but joyful all the same. The 12 Days of Quality Data could be in store for you this year!

Start the holiday off right, with our Top 5 Reasons to Implement a Data Quality Solution eBook.

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