2015 BackOffice Associates Year In Review

December 29, 2015 Tyler Warden

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In the world of comic books there are few sets of books that rise above the typical comic books for pure entertainment medium and reach the level of great works of fiction. One set of books that is on this list is Watchmen by Allen Moore. In this series, Moore introduces an alternate reality where costumed super heroes are outlawed or working for the government. Moore writes: “All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.” When looking back on 2015, I am afforded the luxury of time and space to reflect back on to the year that was for BackOffice Associates.  When looking at these old photographs of the year, three snapshots rise to the top.

Taking On the Full Data Journey

It is in 2015 that we fully embraced the concept of information governance being a journey and that this data journey concept was to be our guiding strategic principal. Historically, we focused heavily on data migrations and integrations, it was with a renewed focused on the Monitoring, Cleansing, Governing and Archiving stages of the data journey that we started off 2015 and continued that momentum throughout the year. This momentum carried us to major new innovations in these areas of our software and solutions ranging from closed loop remediation to resolve issues found in monitoring to the new data governance experience with dspGovern.  These innovations led to new customers embracing BackOffice solutions like never before and renewed investment by valued customers embracing our evolution to the complete information governance solutions company.

The Year of Governance

If I were to sum up 2015 in one word it would be: governance. We see data governance as not only the future of the information governance marketplace, we see it as the next step for organizations to take as data becomes ever more important in the enterprise. As companies are able to extract more and more business advantage and liquidity from data from advances in areas such as data storage, retrieval, business intelligence and reporting, the quality and trustworthiness of data is more important now than ever. BackOffice has been building and implementing data governance solutions since 2004 but it was this year where we moved data governance into the forefront of our strategic investment.

Analyst Recognition

As one of people with the honor of being on the product leadership team with specific responsibility for our software solutions, my personal highlight of the year has been the formal recognition of BackOffice Associates as a major player in the information governance software space. With our inclusion on reports and publications from major analyst firms comes with it the fulfillment of an internal goal set 4 years ago as we started the journey to transform our business from a world-class solutions company focused on data to an industry leader in information governance software. We have built a world class software company inside of BackOffice and it is exciting to be able to share with the world how far we have come, what we have created and what is in store for the future. 

Looking forward to 2016, I am excited to continue to be part of a team that will continue to innovate and bring to market uncompromising solutions that enable our customers to enjoy the business benefits of high quality data.

“No. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise.” - Alan Moore, Watchmen

About the Author

Tyler Warden

As SVP, Product and Engineering Tyler is responsible for the product strategy, roadmap, design and delivery of Syniti's software applications and platform. He has the privilege to lead the organization responsible for innovating, building and delivering a world class, SaaS enterprise data platform that delivers trusted and understood data to the enterprise. Acting as the deputy to the EVP and Head of Product, Tyler is a member of both the Strategic and Product leadership teams and is instrumental in the development and driving of the product strategy and vision from ideation through to execution. In his time at Syniti, Tyler has worked in all areas of R&D as well as at customer sites giving him a unique perspective on the needs of the Information Governance market and the current and future needs of customers. A leading voice in the data management industry, Tyler is a common contributor to industry publications as well as a speaker at conferences around the world.

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