3 Trends to Watch at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019: Data and the Intelligent Enterprise


If you are attending SAPPHIRE NOW this year, then you will no doubt be hearing the words Intelligent Enterprise and S/4HANA many times over the course of the event.  The Intelligent Enterprise, and its core of S/4HANA, are the linchpins to SAP’s messaging and product strategy. This means that if you are at SAPPHIRE, then you are having to think about how that strategy could impact you and your business.  In my workings with SAP customers in the context of data and how that plays in the Intelligent Enterprise and S/4HANA, I see several trends and similarities in those conversations. As we approach SAPPHIRE 2019, I thought I would share three major themes that I have been working through over the past several months and expect to see as prevalent items at SAPPHIRE this year.

Data Transformation to Get There
Any move to the Intelligent Enterprise is going to require a data migration.  So then the questions become: how, when, and who.

  • How am I going to get my data in a state that it is ready to go to drive the promise of the Intelligent Enterprise?
  • When on my transformation journey do I need to migrate and transform that data?
  • Who is going to actually do the data transformation work and alignment with our overall corporate and data strategy?

There are several deep and nuanced answers and follow-ups to these questions but I would suffice to say that no two organizations and no two situations are the same. Some organizations like big bang style approaches while others perform what we would call a wave-based approach (smaller cycles that build on each other).  Some organizations want the skills in house while others want external providers to help. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. If you are attending SAPPHIRE, I would advise you to come ready with your questions about how your data today will make it into the Intelligent Enterprise and what you need to consider to make the right decisions.

Data in the Intelligent Enterprise
Once your data is migrated and you have an improved systems landscape, then you have crossed a major hurdle, but there is another one waiting for you.

  • What do you do with all of your data now that it is in a more diverse set of systems with more processing and work on the data being done at the edges of the network?
  • How are you going to manage the new data sets you are bringing into your environment?
  • Do you need data integration or do you need to think about a go-forward data fabric approach?

There is a brave new world coming of more data, moving faster, across a more diverse landscape and that interconnected nature of data is what can give the Intelligent Enterprise its power to drive your digital transformation.  This world also needs a new way of thinking about managing, governance, and stewarding your data to maximize its value. SAPPHIRE is a great opportunity to network with the larger enterprise technology community on how they plan to tackle these problems and what solutions are out there to help you along your journey.

Innovations on the Intelligent Enterprise
Once you have your data in your new landscape and you are managing and understanding your data, you can start to drive innovations not possible in today’s landscape.

  • What data can you package up and potentially sell as a new revenue stream for the business?
  • What data can you make public for integrations and sharing economy usages?
  • How do you want the brand identity of your organization to be seen and influenced by your usage of data?

There is new Intellectual Property to be found in the Intelligent Enterprise and it is up to the knowledge worker community, especially those of us in the enterprise technology space, to drive innovation at our organizations.  Intelligent disruption leads to market making opportunities. Leave your mind on and open this year at SAPPHIRE. Search for opportunities. Come back with some crazy good ideas.

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About the Author

Tyler Warden

As SVP, Product and Engineering Tyler is responsible for the product strategy, roadmap, design and delivery of Syniti's software applications and platform. He has the privilege to lead the organization responsible for innovating, building and delivering a world class, SaaS enterprise data platform that delivers trusted and understood data to the enterprise. Acting as the deputy to the EVP and Head of Product, Tyler is a member of both the Strategic and Product leadership teams and is instrumental in the development and driving of the product strategy and vision from ideation through to execution. In his time at Syniti, Tyler has worked in all areas of R&D as well as at customer sites giving him a unique perspective on the needs of the Information Governance market and the current and future needs of customers. A leading voice in the data management industry, Tyler is a common contributor to industry publications as well as a speaker at conferences around the world.

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