Big Data 50—Companies Driving Innovation in 2019

September 11, 2019

Big Data Trailblazer


Consider the concept of data replication. In its simplest form, it is the process of copying data. Now let’s look at realtime data replication. This is not merely the act of making a copy. It is instantaneous, selective copying of only changed data to reduce impact on key systems and business processes—a critical capability in today’s datadriven business cycles.


Production systems should function flawlessly, while behind the scenes data is moving where it is needed. A lowtouch, versatile solution like Syniti Data Replication can support a consistent and trusted copy of your business data ready to be used by other applications without impacting the responsiveness of your business-critical systems. Those source and target systems could be relational databases, message queues, or big data platforms pretty much anywhere in the cloud or on premise!


Your mission-critical data environment probably consists of multiple different systems that share data to serve users and customers. Those systems could range from large legacy relational databases through nimble application-specific databases to data storage and data analytics in the cloud. Large nightly batch copies are no longer adequate for today’s demanding consumers. Syniti Data Replication can keep the necessary data in sync so an amazing user experience is not dependent on time of day.


Fresh, relevant data assures well-informed and successful decision-making. Gone are the days when outdated data could result in error-prone reports and potentially disastrous decisions.


TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Infinite Potential of Data Replication to get the job done. We can help.


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