DBTA 100 2017 - VIEW FROM THE TOP: BackOffice Associates

June 21, 2017



As the speed and complexity of doing business continues to increase exponentially—driven by digital transformation, cloud adoption and more AI technologies—global enterprises must rely on a monumental amount of data to make smart business decisions every day. However, that data must be reliable, accurate and business-ready to deliver the intended bottom line and operational results. Addressing this challenge with decades of experience, the BackOffice team is dedicated to meeting global organizations’ most pressing data governance, quality and migration needs with innovative solutions. 

Managing data across heterogeneous IT landscapes can no longer be an IT-only domain in our rapidly-changing business applications landscape; rather it must involve organizations’ inter-departmental web of business users who interact with and are impacted by the data across multiple systems. To orchestrate this model, we work closely with world-class enterprise clients and advise them on implementing comprehensive information governance approaches and investing in key automation across the full organization. 

It is also critical for enterprises to have the ability to manage and govern their data as one end-to-end business process. This includes establishing a streamlined approach to designing, analyzing, executing and enforcing all data policies. We’re seeing Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries find great success in connecting these phases with our proven Data Stewardship Platform and Information Governance Cloud solutions.

As companies continue to evolve their strategies, we remain committed to helping them manage and transform their enterprise data into a strategic asset through market-leading information governance software and services.

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