DBTA Readers’ Choice Award for Best Data Quality Solution

May 20, 2014

Image_Vote for Best Data Quality Solution

Database Trends and Applications just announced nominations for their DBTA Readers’ Choice Award for Best Data Quality Solution, and guess what? We are on the ballot!

Data has been more than a focus for BackOffice Associates for the last 18 years, it has been a passion that drives every solution, product, partnership and service we provide.  There is a true understanding of the importance of data quality, an unmatched depth of knowledge when it comes to ensuring organizations have clean, accurate and business-relevant data to effectively run their business.  Luckily for us, our mission as a company to guarantee superior customer performance by unlocking the power of their data fits perfectly into the spectrum of business-relevant data.

With a mission to unlock the power of our customers’ data and more than a decade dedicated to providing our customers with quality data has allowed us to pat our shoulder and say, “job well done and thanks to our customers for their support”. We are honored to receive from a customer, a nomination for DBTA Readers’ Choice Award Best Data Quality Solution for the BackOffice Associates Data Stewardship Platform.

In addition, our subsidiary HiT Software’s DBMoto has received nominations in the following categories – Best Data Integration Solution, Best Data Replication Solution and Best Change Data Capture Solution.

If you are familiar with BackOffice Associates and HiT solutions, please vote for us in the categories listed above.  Voting is open now through this Friday, May 23rd and can be done using the link below.



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