Event Recap: Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Exhibitor and Gold Partner

September 25, 2013

Image_BackOffice Associates' Booth at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

In our 20 x 20 space we are tagged as “big players showcasing the technology trends and product innovation” says one attendee. Thank you for considering us a “big player”! What are we showcasing you ask? Enhancing your ERP data quality of course. Through effective data migration and information governance solutions we can help improve and accelerate your business processes and data quality.

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 offers a unique showcase of different companies and a chance to view Oracle’s newest strategies and technology. With over 50,000 attendees from around the world, you can see the breadth of Oracle’s solutions and applications and their impact on the direction of “Big Data”.

From our perspective, we can see how eager attendees are to learn how they can maximize the value of their data, but we are commonly hearing many challenges. Challenges with data quality, data migration and information governance.

We’ve heard attendees describe their pain points as “lots of data distributed across multiple back end systems but can’t get a single view” or “need help with data governance” and “we merged companies recently but we need help with data migration to one system”.

This is how Oracle OpenWorld has presented itself as an amazing way to communicate with attendees and learn what challenges they are currently facing. Whether about data or how exhausted they are with the size of this show, attendees at Oracle OpenWorld have a great opportunity to relate their problems and find a solution here!

Today is the last day for exhibitors and a sad day to say the least for attendees who have not yet gotten a chance to visit our booth, but don’t worry – our BackOffice Associates team is here until the close of the exhibit hall at 4:00pm!

We will also be drawing the last winner of our iPad Mini giveaway, so please stop by Booth 515 Moscone South to learn more about BackOffice Associates solutions and enter to win an iPad Mini!

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