How Your Data Migration Strategy Might Be Like a Cuckoo Bird

February 27, 2020 Louis Richardson

Louis Richardson
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Within nature there are a number of birds classified as brood-parasites. These include common cowbirds and cuckoos. Brood parasites rely on others to raise their young. They lay their egg among the eggs in the nest of the targeted host. They’ve become so adaptive to this approach; they can even mimic the egg color and texture to fool the host bird into hatching and subsequently caring for their young.



Most brood parasite birds are larger than their host targets. Many parasitic young hatches early and are known to break the other eggs or push them out of the nest. And if they do hatch, the parasite bird quickly outgrows the others and monopolizes the feeding of the parent birds. Thus, leaving the other, natural young birds, to suffer or die.



You are probably wondering how this morbid tale has anything to do with data migration strategies. Here’s the connection. 



Many data migration vendors and solutions appear to be just what you need. They look like they will address the data movement and placement into your new system in a way that would meet your needs. But they fall short of really preparing your new system to meet your expected business results. This results in data that is not of the quality you need to run your business. It may move the data, but not align it with the business outcomes of your data transformation project.




When this happens, they are very much like the brood-parasites mentioned earlier. And you are the unfortunate host who finds yourself frantically feeding this oversized beast. Failures to meet deadlines and quality standards cause you to seek more funding…funding that should be used for other projects you care for. So, like the host true eggs, these worthwhile projects suffer and die.



But it doesn’t have to be this way. For more than 23 years, we at Syniti have been tackling the world’s biggest data challenges, and winning. Our near perfect client satisfaction and project success ratings speaks volumes to our ability to meet and exceed, not only your base migration needs of moving the data, but also to prepare you and your data for your new and emerging business needs. Invest a few minutes and allow us to help you ensure you don’t find yourself feeding a cuckoo bird.

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