Live from the Marketo Summit – The Importance of Data Quality in Marketing

April 7, 2014

Image_The Importance of Data Quality in Marketing

I’m in San Francisco with several members of BackOffice’s marketing team for Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit.  What always impressed me about Marketo is their focus on enabling Marketers with best practices through solid content and their emphasis on the customer experience. With over 6,000 people registered for the summit, I’m honored to be speaking on Tuesday in a session titled, “Inherited Marketo? Making it Work for Your Organization”.  As an early adopter of marketing automation technology, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of products throughout my career such as Market2Lead (acquired by Oracle), Eloqua (also acquired by Oracle), IBM Unica and twice with Marketo.   The most dramatic shift that occurred in the past several years is the evolution of Marketing as a science.  Gone are the days of solely focusing on “brand awareness” and more emphasis on customer/prospect engagement, education, analytics and ROI.  Marketing is measurable and it’s the analytics side that can prove meaningful engagement, increase in pipeline and ultimately through to deals won.

When I was putting together my presentation, I thought a lot about the importance of data and for marketers, we live and die by the quality and quantity of our contact database.  To perform targeted marketing, contact data quality is a critical component to any organization. I came across a statistic that 77% of companies believe their bottom line is affected by inaccurate or incomplete data.  On average, respondents believe that nearly 12% of revenue is wasted due to quality issues.  I’ve seen first hand the problems that can come along with poor data quality in marketing.  It paralyzes your ability to segment, target and personalize.  You may inadvertently market to those you didn’t intend to such as competitors or send irrelevant content to the wrong audience. On the other hand, spending the time to lay the groundwork for a data quality check process through data augmentation, cleansing and then establishing an on-going governance process can help your programs flourish.  We’ve seen our web presence and engagement at BackOffice increase dramatically by practicing what we preach and ensuring data quality is factored into every program we put together in Marketing.

It’s been fun watching Marketo’s explosive growth and I look forward to the next 2 days engaging with my peers. If you’re attending Summit and interested in my session, it’s at 9am Tuesday, April 7th at Moscone Center Room 3018.

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