Moving to The Digital Core

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Companies such as SAP say the digital economy is real and it is here to stay. Since the launch of SAP S/4HANA, the momentum around this next-generation business suite has grown significantly making the solution the fastest-growing SAP product to date.

However, data complexity prevents businesses from quickly capitalizing on systems such as S/4HANA. Companies are beginning to realize that digital information flowing in and out of their systems account for only about 1% of data being analyzed and turned into valuable benefits. Data that is not contextually aware, or automation that does not provide the right data at the right time to the right person in the right format, can be the leading reasons why these businesses cannot capitalize on the digital core.

In order to keep pace with fluctuations in data and your environment, while maintaining the lowest possible project risk and the highest possible data quality, you’ll need to take advantage of automated solutions that reduce time, effort and cost in managing transformations to S/4HANA.

SAP Advanced Data Migration by BackOffice Associates (SAP ADM) is software that automates the process to achieve migrations to HANA and S/4HANA at the lowest cost and risk. SAP ADM minimizes the time and work involved in converting data from legacy ERP systems on Oracle, IBM DB2 and others, and effortlessly orchestrates the use of any ETL tools including SAP Data Services, SAP HANA Smart Data Integration and SAP Landscape Transformation. With a central management console,  you can drive the migration from design to execution, managing people, process and tasks quickly and easily.

Whether migrating SAP or non-SAP systems into S/4HANA or consolidating SAP systems into a single S/4HANA instance, using advanced automation on a single platform will deliver faster time-to-value and shrink project time and cost in migration scenarios.

The digital economy is here, don’t get caught back in the pack when you can take advantage of SAP Advanced Data Migration to achieve measurable business benefits by moving to S/4HANA, the Digital Core.

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