Platform Focus Series: Syniti Knowledge Platform - Advanced Data Migration

March 24, 2021 Kevin Gulley

In this edition of our new Platform Focus video series, we dig into the meat and potatoes of the Syniti Knowledge Platform, our industry-best Data Migration solution. Join Kevin Gulley, our Head of Product Marketing as he interviews Senior Product Manager in charge of data migration, Andy Lund.


Quickly get up to speed on the components that make our migration capabilities so powerful, review use cases, learn about the types of users that leverage the platform, go over deployment options and most importantly, dig into the ways our Advanced Data Migration solution benefits users and companies. If you are migrating to S/4HANA or another platform, executing on a merger / acquisition or divestiture, or consolidating your ERP systems, this video is a must watch!

About the Author

Kevin Gulley

Kevin Gulley is the Global Head of Product Marketing at Syniti and has been blogging about the business benefits of cutting edge enterprise technology for closing in on 20 years.

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