Replicate Data Between Google Cloud SQL and On-Premise Databases

January 9, 2014


The Google Cloud Platform recently released a blog post and press release announcing Google Cloud SQL’s accessibility from just about any application, anywhere.

In Product Manager, Joe Faith’s blog, he announces that “Today, we are embracing open standards and expanding customers’ choice of tools, technologies and architectures by adding support for native MySQL connections.”

If you are unfamiliar with the Google Cloud Platform you should know that it enables customers to implement:

> Cloud app solutions, such as mobile apps and social apps using Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL

> Cloud storage solutions, such as high-end backup and recovery and active archiving using Google Cloud Storage

> Large-scale computing solutions, such as batch processing and data processing using Google Compute Engine

> Big data solutions, such as interactive tools and trend detection using Google BigQuery and Google Prediction API

What does that mean for BackOffice Associates? Further down Joe Faith’s blog, you will see a familiar name announced as a new Google Cloud Platform Partner, HiT Software.

As a division of BackOffice Associates and leader in change data capture and data replication products for heterogeneous database environments, HiT Software will now support data replication and change data capture to Google’s Cloud SQL platform solution. This enables businesses that require relational database support in the Google Cloud platform to easily manage real-time information flow between onsite and Google Cloud applications.

Data replication and change data capture minimizes the amount of effort and time for developers and IT teams to set up and process critical data updates between dissimilar databases, making fresh data available quickly to important analytics, operational and data warehousing systems from any location in the enterprise, including the Cloud.

Giacomo Lorenzin, Managing Director of HiT Software states, “The Google Cloud Platform Partner Program enables us to integrate our product offerings to address business data issues such as real-time availability and data accuracy. As businesses move their data solutions to the Cloud for better storage and accessibility, we can provide a point-and-click method to update that data in real-time from onsite or regional operational data.”

In response, Shailesh Rao, Director of New Products and Solutions for Google Cloud Platform explains “To help customers get the most out of our cloud platform products we work closely with technology companies, like BackOffice Associates’ HiT Software, that provide powerful complementary solutions integrated with our platform.”

For more information on HiT Software products DBMoto and DBMoto Cloud G Edition, please visit

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