SAP Leonardo “Reloaded” – Unifying People, Process and Technology to Enable Digital Transformation

May 25, 2017 Owen Pettiford

At SAPPHIRE, SAP announced an all new “version” of SAP Leonardo. Before SAPPHIRE, SAP Leonardo had been used to describe what SAP was doing in the Internet of Things space. At SAPPHIRE, SAP redefined SAP Leonardo to mean what SAP is doing to help companies achieve Digital Transformation

SAP Leonardo brings together a combination of the following :-

  • Consulting Services to help companies imagine what Digital Transformation could deliver – using Design Thinking.
  • Consulting Services to help create prototypes based on SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Applications and any required 3rd party applications.
  • Pre-packaged industry solutions and templates to accelerate Digital Transformation following industry patterns and trends.
  • SAP will also provide SAP Leonardo Labs where customers can go to see examples of Digital Transformation and work on their own innovations. I understand that these ae planned in Berlin, Palo Alto, New York, Paris, Sao Leopoldo (Brazil) and Johannesburg.

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