That Was the Week That Was

January 9, 2014

Image_BackOffice Associates Acquires ENTOTA

Apologies for the reference to an early 1960s British satirical comedy TV program (coincidently first broadcast the year I was born) but by now you know that ENTOTA has been acquired by BackOffice Associates and it’s been a busy but interesting couple of weeks as the ENTOTA marketing team worked closely with our new colleagues in marketing at BackOffice Associates on the communications plan for the announcement.

Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of acquisitions on both sides of the ‘fence’ but it’s rare for two clear leaders to come together and that tends to create questions around what happens to the technology. The first thing that struck me once we started to discuss potential roadmap options were how similar both companies approach to data migration was, both  emphasise the importance of the target system in the overall process. As one new colleague remarked at a meeting last week, the really important thing is that both companies treated data migration as a process, not a technical problem or a challenge that can simply be solved by throwing people at it. This mutual understanding that migration is a process will mean that both companies’ best practices will come together in a highly complementary way.

As for the ENTOTA Data Migration Portal, rest assured that we will continue to support our existing customers while Jim Maniscalco, VP of Product Management at BackOffice Associates, is leading a joint effort on a product roadmap which we will communicate just as soon as we can. Needless to say, both product lines will greatly benefit from the future alignment which will accelerate what we had planned at ENTOTA far beyond anything we could have accomplished on our own. Similarly, ENTOTA’s capability to automatically generate SAP Data Services jobs creates all sorts of new opportunities.

Finally, from a marketing perspective, I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to market a set of unique products for data migration and information governance with a company that has a truly global reach and years and years of deep technical and business process experience. With the products and content we now have, there is a great opportunity to really bring information governance into the mainstream.

I just returned from Boston where I was able to join the BackOffice team in a 2014 marketing planning meeting. It’s been great to be made so welcome and seamlessly integrated so quickly (other vendors take note!), an exciting year lies ahead.

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