Understand the Current State of Your Data Quality

August 3, 2012

Image_Understanding State of Data Quality

The importance of data quality to business processes cannot be overemphasized. Perfect data quality equals business process excellence. Poor data quality equals business process interruption and delay. Understanding data quality, though, is easier said than done.

When implementing a new SAP®, Oracle® or ERP solution, a company’s data stewards must decide what data to migrate from the legacy system to the new solution and what data to retire. They must determine what data needs to be maintained to satisfy legal requirements and whether the quality of that data is sufficient. In the midst of ongoing business processes, very few companies have the time and expertise to do that.

That’s why many companies turn to BackOffice Associates® to help them better understand their data quality, scope and complexity. The first step is a BackOffice Associates Data Audit™ engagement. With the fact-based and measurable results gained from the engagement, companies can mitigate data-related business risk and project delays.

For example, BackOffice Associates recently conducted a Data Audit engagement in just four days for a global beverage manufacturer. The audit revealed that about 40% of the materials, 70% of the vendors and 75% of the customers in its system were inactive. For the first time in years the customer had access to these key metrics and quickly realized excessive data accumulation was impacting business process performance. BackOffice consultants then helped the client achieve optimal configurations for business use by module. They recommended an 84% reduction in material codes, a 73% reduction in product hierarchies and a 99% reduction in customer terms.

A BackOffice Associates Data Audit engagement provides a quick and robust insight into a company’s data.  The data assessment can be used as a pre-migration activity, to jump-start a project, to generate executive support material or simply as a way for a company to deep dive into data-related business problems. With a Data Audit you can:

  • Very quickly understand the impact of data quality on business processes
  • Highlight existing data quality, complexity and volume in any source system
  • Build or support a business case for initiating a data migration or data governance solution

Leveraging 16 years of BackOffice Associates ERP experience spanning all data objects and business process models, a Data Audit helps executives and project sponsors gain an immediate understanding of data quality, scope and complexity. It will better define the scope of a project, alleviating potential delays in the timeline.  It also ensures you have Business-Ready Data™ when you go-live, eliminating any business process interruptions.

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