What are Your Barriers to Adopting Digital Transformation?

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“Digital Transformation is the combination of new technology capabilities to create new business models. These can revolutionise a business sector, like Uber has done for taxis, or make smaller improvements to existing business models to provide competitive advantage”

This short definition of Digital Transformation (DT), was written by Owen Pettiford – SAP Mentor and Co-CEO CompriseIT.

From an SAP perspective, S/4HANA is the Digital Core that enables organisations to deliver innovation back to the Business. Based on many conversations with customers, we do recognise that to unlock new Digital opportunities, there are invariably some common obstacles to overcome. In our role as their "trusted SAP Advisor", we step in and help.
In order to build up a better picture from a wider audience, we would value your feedback in a short survey, which we will run until mid-April. The results of this poll can be shared with you and we can take this information into account when planning future webinars and other events throughout 2016.

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