What to expect from BackOffice Associates at the SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference

May 7, 2013 Enget Dang

Image_BackOffice Associates at SAPPHIRE NOW 2013

BackOffice Associates, believes it is at the nexus of the current revolution in information technology. 18 month doubling rates in data volume is putting pressure on IT infrastructures to not only keep up, but to also deliver a data quality strategy that ensures that the data can truly be a strategic asset to drive business opportunity. But while some may see orders of magnitude improvement in their ability to extract data for business value, others are daunted at the prospect of where to begin. They likely feel the crush of greater data loads, and feel compromised in their ability to confidently measure what the data is saying.

The SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference will be teaming with vendors of every imaginable technology discipline, who participate in the SAP ecosystem. Given BackOffice Associates’ areas of domain expertise—data quality, data migration and data governance, their professionals will be looking to connect with IT professionals and business leaders keen to understand who offers the most compelling mix of solutions, which can drive data quality and integrity, while nimbly facilitating accessibility—the kind of data access that can create business value.

BackOffice’s experience at SAPPHIRE is also a celebration of the partnership they have with SAP. A new platform is launching during SAPPHIRE week with details coming out soon. The platform is specifically designed to marry up to core areas of SAP’s market leading information management solutions and deliver marked improvement in the customer’s ROI as they improve their data management. There will be several demo stations at work in BackOfficesbooth #741, where folks will be able to assess for themselves how BackOffice professionals perform deep dives into their customer’s data.

BackOffice professionals truly enjoy untangling the data knots they often encounter on the customer site. When their work is done—at least through the go-live milestone, that’s when they swell with pride at an implementation well done. There’s nowhere to hide if a data load or conversion is flawed—but it’s a pressure the BackOffice consultant does relish. Operating by a dictum that good things can’t happen without good data and good access, BackOffice people work doggedly with their partners at SAP, united in their work to bring customers closer to their data to drive business opportunity. If you come by booth #741, you’ll have a chance to meet some of BackOffice’s consultants and executive leadership. They will be happy to share some of their war stories–the good, the bad and the ugly of their work with data quality.

Of note, is that one of BackOffice’s most senior executives and one of their customer’s will be putting on some presentations at SAPPHIRE. They’ll share some insights behind the good things that can and do happen with BOA’s approach to data quality. On May 14 (in the Partner Theater – Exhibit Hall 12:30-12:50), Nancy Schultz, one of BOA’s customers from Dow Chemical will be presenting “How Dow Chemical Plans and Manages Their SAP Data Migration Processes—A Success Story.” In another two presentations, Rex Ahlstrom, the Chief Strategy Officer for BackOffice, will presenting on “Preventative SAP EAM Maintenance—How to Create a Comprehensive Information Governance Strategy” (May 14th 10:30 – 11:30, Lake Sheen B – Hilton Hotel) and on: “Managing Your SAP Data Quality Initiatives for Effective Information Governance” (in the Partner Theater – Exhibit Hall 4:30 – 4:50).

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