Get Your Business Frictionless with Clean Data

You have just completed your data project as part of a data migration, upgrading to S/4HANA, a divestiture, or other data transformation. Congratulations! These types of initiatives can be difficult and costly. And now that it is over or well underway, how do you keep your data clean and know that you always have business-ready data?

Poor data quality can affect organizations in many ways - financially, operational efficiency, brand recognition, regulatory compliance, and so on. We will show you how you can reduce operating cost up to 40%, reduce your time spent researching and resolving data errors, increase your revenue by 15-20% as well as improve visibility into your overall data quality.  

During our session, we will discuss how to:
• Gain a complete view of information by accessing and measuring data at any scale and from any source
• Continuously assess the trustworthiness of information and determine whether it’s fit to use based on its quality
• Analyze how data quality affects your business processes and performance by discovering, defining, and monitoring data quality levels
• Reduce costly data errors and staff time required for data quality
• Improve data quality visibility and speed error resolution
• Accelerates response times with automatic error alerts sent to responsible data owners

Remember, clean data is critical for business just as clean water is essential to life. Business runs on business processes; business processes run on data. The processes that run your business cannot run efficiently without clean data.


> Click HERE to view the webinar on BrighTalk (registration and login required). 


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