Go Green or Go Brown: Which S/4HANA Road is Right for You?

With SAP ERP sitting at the core of your business and having invested in it over a number of years, it can seem that Converting to S/4HANA - known as a Brownfield project - is the easiest and lowest risk path to S/4HANA. However, a growing number of organizations are discovering that the further they get into planning for their Brownfield project, the more attractive starting with a fresh slate becomes. Some are changing their plans to do a New Implementation - known as a Greenfield project.

View this on-demand webinar given by 2 SAP Mentors who describe the key risks and benefits of each approach and highlight where BackOffice Associates can help to de-risk the journey with its services and software.

Watch the webinar recording HERE by logging into BrightTALK (Registration required).

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