You Can't Make Good Business Decisions Today with Yesterday's Data

There is a growing demand for high-speed analytic database systems and platforms where data can be processed at lightning speed for business decision-making. However, is that data up-to-date? If the process to update that data is batch or overnight, the data delivery may be fast, but the information may be outdated which can result in error-prone reporting and ineffective (or disastrous) business decisions. 

For successful analytics it’s important to move data in real time from multiple systems, including legacy databases, so that combined data can be properly presented in a uniform way.

Change Data Capture is a technology employed in the best data replication solutions to minimize the amount of time and resources necessary to update data changes from one system to another. By propagating only what’s changed since the last check on the source system, minimal data is passed between systems in order to ensure identical copies of data on both source and target.

Change Data Capture is frequently used to select and update copies of key data for operational reasons such as maintaining activity on separate systems that interact externally with customers or vendors, or remote systems that interact with corporate databases. However, it is also useful to maintain freshly updated data in systems that are used extensively for non-transactional activity, such as for analysis, reporting and data warehousing.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Retrieving information from any source database for your analytic system
  • Specialized and configured support to load data into the analytic system
  • Automatically prepare and map the data between systems, saving time and resources
  • Best-in-class process to automatically and continuously update data
  • Change Data Capture saves time, money and effort through efficient and cost-effective technology

Presented by Larry Romireo at EFCO Corporation & Giacomo Lorenzin, Managing Director, Direct Solutions at BackOffice Associates.

Watch the webinar recording HERE by logging into BrightTALK.

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