Business Relevant Data

When migrating data from one system to another one of the first decisions that needs to be made is what data matters.  

Making this decision can come from the top down, where management has a clear understanding of what data they want in their new system. Management will know if they are spinning off a division, ending a product line, merging in a new acquisition or working under the constraints of any number of business and strategic goals.  

This decision may also come from the bottom up, where the data itself can give clues to what data matters. Are their products that are flagged for manufacturing without a bill of materials? Is there equipment that has not been serviced in its lifetime and therefore may not exist? The data can often speak for itself and drive insight into what data needs to be moved to a new system.

This determination of what data needs to be moved as a part of a migration is called “Business Relevance”.  

In this episode of Whiteboard Payday, we explore the concept of business relevance.

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